About Ghoori

Ghoori is an ecommerce platform, where you can start your business any day and effortlessly. Customers are shopping online, in person, on mobile devices, and with social media. Reach them all with one platform will be a game changer and Ghoori is here to facilitate that. At Ghoori anyone can open an eShop for free. You can share your eShop with others. Also you can visit other eShops and purchase your desired products. Our eShop will give you a complete ecommerce solution. For registration email us at info@ghoori.com.bd

Rizwana Rashid Auni


Zahidul Amin

CEO & Co-Founder

Rashed Moslem

COO & Co-Founder

Nazmus Saquibe

CTO & Co-Founder

What We Do

Ghoori is an ecommerce platform. We are a passionate team who are working to create and develop the best possible e-platform for Bangladesh. Our dream is to become the most successful technology company. We are working hard to help entrepreneurs to start and promote their online business. We believe and stand for quality, integrity, empowerment, innovation and Bangladeshi lifestyle. Our mission is to create the best platform for Bangladeshi entrepreneurs.

Mirza Aliva Salvin

Mirza Aliva Salvin

Mobile Application Engineer

Studied CSE in AUST | Like to code & explore new ideas | Addicted to TV series, movies & anime | Love drawing cartoon .

Mohsin Shishir

Software Engineer

CSE Graduate, AUST | Kind of Introvert, Curious Minded, Good Listener | Interested in: Games & Sports, Photography, Watching Movies | Guitarist | Cricketer | Passion: Programming

Riasat Raihan Noor

Software Engineer

Co-Founder, Corrupted Coders | Ex-AUST| Interest in: Sports, Watching Movies, TV series

Imtiaz Shakil Siddique

Senior Software Engineer

ACM ICPC DHAKA Regional Champion 2013 | Member of SUST_ATTOPROTTOYEE | Serious Gamer BF4,COD,DOTA you name it | Weirdest person in the office | Love to code, share ideas

Arafat Azam

Software Engineer

Freelance Writer | Lifelong Learner | Founder of FoonJitsu| Ex-NSU

Tanbin Siyam

Senior Software Engineer

Co-Founder, NerdCats | Co-Founder, Spiregy | Volunteer & Font Developer, OmicronLab | Ex-KUET

Anup Rahman

Anup Rahman

UX Engineer

Junior most member A.K.A Kid of the Office | Weird,Interesting & Creative Designer | Studying at East West University, Dept. of CSE | Musician And Composer | Love listening to Songs, Watching Anime, Gaming.

Md Tahmidur Rahman

Spcialist Communication & Brand

Freelance Writer| Interest in: Photography, Sports, Reading books, Watching Movies, TV series| Curious Mind, Loves Food

Tahmidur Rahman
Anup Rahman

Biswajit Pandey

Software Engineer

National Hackathon Champion - 2014 | Love To Solve, Wanna Be Anonymous | Shooting - COD Is My Favorite Game | Travelling & Bike Riding Is My Hobby.

Our Products

We Make Our Own Products

Our Partners

Our Culture

At Ghoori we share a common goal and vision for the company. We reflect the culture of Bangladesh and her heritage. We carry an open mind and associates with startups. We want to inspire everyone to share their ideas and views. Ghoori will always maintain a healthy and connecting relationship with the partners and customers. Our office is designed to encourage interactions between Ghoori-wala within and across teams, and to flicker chat about work as well as play.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create the best ecommerce platform for Bangladeshi entreprenuers and help them to start their startup effortlessly.

Our Vision

We want to become the most successful ecommerce platform from Bangladesh in the world.